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Marie: GirlKnowsTechMy journey of growth as a developer changed a few months ago when I discovered GirlKnowsTech from Instagram. I was looking for tech-themed users to follow when I searched the hashtag ‘girlswhocode’ and her posts came up. I am glad to say that today I blog because she inspired me. Her posts and stories almost always revolve around school or techy activities. It is no wonder how she got to 20.7k followers. But we’re here to discuss her blog, and so we shall.

What do I like about

Upon landing on the website/blog you can easily tell what it is about

When I first visited the blog I could tell this was a blog by a woman in tech. I was absolutely sure she tackled some gender specific issues related to technology on her blog, and while this may partly be attributed to the fact that her website is really girly and that she has ‘Women in Tech’ on her menu, I sure am glad my ‘hunch’ wasn’t wrong.

She is a supporter of women in STEM

While this may sound vague, what I intend to put across is that she seems to support the “Have more women in STEM” movement. I too I am in support. The current diversity gap technology is really shocking and we need to have more women involved in the field. This is why this is important to me.

She publishes interviews

She covers a couple of interviews from women in technology whom she has had the chance to interact with either personally or via social media. How is this important? We learn from those who are ahead of us, and here I refer to myself as one of the people learning. The information from interviews she has published is important to growing individuals in the tech field.

This blog is easy to follow and beneficial especially for newbie programmers and bloggers

The topics covered by Marie on her blog are so simple yet easily overlooked. For instance, an article on buying the whois protection of your domain name is so simple yet so important. Or that one on applets to automate your blog with IFTTT. I have to admit whenever I read her articles I feel cleverer.

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