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How To Make Your Own Creative Logo Design: A Guide

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Making Your own Creative Logo Design

Making your own creative logo design

Scribble, Scribble, Erase… Repeat.
It’s every graphic designer’s – beginner or professional – struggle to put their ideas on paper and eventually transform them into an epic brand logo. This article is not only for those with significant design skills but also absolute amateurs and newbees.
The simplest definition of graphics design it “visual communication”. You see an Apple logo with a bite mark on the back cover of a phone and you think, “That’s an iPhone…”. The logo here (a graphic design) has communicated it’s meaning and you didn’t have to read the name ‘iPhone’ to recognize the brand of the device.
So how do you begin to create your logo?

  1. It all starts with an idea.

    If you still don’t have one, you’ll definitely have to utilize the internet and its vast web pages that are filled with designs that won’t hurt if you borrow some ideas from. For instance, you need a logo for a bakery. You will need a logo that communicates to the viewers that’s a bakery. This will be our case study as an example.

  2. Which type of logo will suit your brand?

    There are 5 types of logos that you will have to choose from;

  • Wordmark (Text) – Your logo will be plain text. Use a short name and a unique font to make it stand out. Garrix Bakery for example, in our scenario. You can get fonts at 1001Fonts
  • Lettermark (initials) – Your logo will have the initials instead of the full name. Remember simplicity is key in logo design. CNN is a good example here.
  • Brandmark (Symbol/Icon) – Your logo will be a symbol that can give a clear representation of your brand’s identity without the use of words or letters. The Apple logo for an iPhone applies as an example here.
  • Combination Mark (Text & Symbol) – Your logo will spell out the name of your brand in text while simultaneously associating it with a visual symbol. You can look at the Adidas logo for instance.
  • Emblem (Text Inside Symbol) – Your logo will have text inside of a symbol to resemble something like a badge. Football club teams mostly use this kind of logo.
  1. A good software for graphics design.

    Here comes the challenging part, making the logo. But come to think of it, it can’t be challenging when you are determined. Alright, for this section you’ll have to look for a software like Adobe Illustrator, CorelDRAW or Inkscape. I started with Illustrator and though it has its learning curve, I have adapted to it as my only design tool. But to make your work easier, try scribbling sketches of what you want your logo to look like first, then map that into the software of your choice. You might take quite some time for this, but it will be worth it at the end.

  2. YouTube tutorials.

    You will need to learn how to use the software if it’s your first time to interact with it. YouTube so far has been my best resource pool for any kind of instructional video. Look for a channel by the name Avnish Parker. His videos are short, precise and he does really quality designs.

  3. Alternative for graphic design software.

    For those who don’t prefer to go through the path of downloading, installing and learning how to use the software, there are alternatives that exist. There are plenty of websites that can generate random or customized logo designs to suit your needs. Some of them include Design Hill, Logo Joy or Shopify Online Logo Maker.
    The downside of these websites is that most of them require you to pay for the quality logos. However, if for any reason quality isn’t a big deal for you, of which it should be, you can still get some free logos generated for you.

  4. Hire a professional graphic designer.

    If everything else isn’t working out, you can still hire a professional graphic designer either locally or from online websites like Fiverr where you can get a good logo made for you for as low as $5.

In case you need a custom well made logo, you can contact us via our website, Leicunn Studio.

Written by: Lewis Irungu


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