The PyConKe Event: What is PyCon?


Back in September, I was fortunate enough to have attended PyConKe. This four-part article has been a long time coming. And now it is here. I will explain my experience at the PyConKe event with a hope to have more people involved in the event come next year.

PyCon is an annual gathering for the python development community organized by the Python community. It is one of the most affordable developer conferences worldwide with a view to making it accessible to a wide group of developers. As most conferences, it is a combination of tutorial sessions, talks, and events by speakers and sprints.


The PyConKe¬†event this year was held at USIU Africa who also sponsored the event. Other sponsors were Africa’s Talking, Value, ONA, Intel, Gro Intelligence, and Jumo.

Topics featured in this year’s PyConKe¬†event were:

  • Data science and A.I: stats crunching with tools like tensor flow
  • Internet of Things (IoT) with python
  • Web, music, and animation

The overall goals of PyCon were to gather instructors, educators, and students of programming to foster coding literacy through python. They invited programmers from all sectors to join in on the Python conferences. The PyConKe event tickets this year cost only Ksh500/=.

Talk sessions at this year’s PyConKe event

Some of the interesting breakout sessions this year were:

  • IoT with microPython
  • Development of chatbots
  • Getting financing for tech projects
  • Machine learning artificial intelligence workshops
  • OOP nature of python
  • Lanes and traffic signs detection (real-time) for self-driving cars using Python, to name but a few.

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